Take Us Along Winner

Sharry Tebley

Sharry Tebley of Antwerp, Ohio, took West Ohio Auto & RV along on a trip to Paris, France. She is shown holding the magazine with the Eiffel Tower in the background.

She notes that it was raining most of the day and as they were leaving there was a full rainbow. The Eiffel Tower rises 1,063 feet in the air and according to Tebley, many residents at the time for the 1889 World's Fair didn't want it built because it would distract from the city's beauty. The tower is the tallest structure in Paris with the Tour First office building coming in second at 739 feet tall. The Eiffel Tower, located on the Champ de Mars, is the most-visited paid monument in the world with 6.98 million visiting in 2011. If you climb to the top of the tower there are 1,665 steps. When Hitler visited Paris during World War II, the French cut the cables on the elevator so he would have to climb the steps if he wanted to reach the top. The tower was not intended to be permanent and was to be demolished in 1909. It was saved because it was repurposed as a giant radio antenna. Thanks for taking us along