Take Us Along Winner

Michelle Thompson

Michelle Thompson of Johnsburg, Ill., is this week's Take Us Along winner. She took Illinois Auto & RV along on a trip to France and is shown at Le Mont-Saint-Michel with a copy of the magazine.

Le Mont-Saint-Michel is an island commune in Normandy, located 0.6 miles off the northwest coast of France. It contains 247 acres and has a population of around 40. Legend has it that the archangel Michael appeared in the year 708 AD to the bishop of Avranches and instructed him to build a church on the island. Le Mont-Saint-Michel was constructed with the idea that God is at the top, then the abbey and monastery. Next is the great halls, followed by the stores and housing, with houses for fishermen and farmers outside the walls. On the list of World Heritage Sites, some three million visit Le Mont-Saint-Michel each year.