Take Us Along Winner

David Vineyard

David Vineyard of St. John, Ind., took Indiana Auto & RV along on a trip to Bago, Myanmar and is shown at a Buddhist shrine with a copy of the popular magazine.

Bago, is the capital of the Bago Region in Burma. It was formerly called Pegu and Hanthawaddy - today there is a ward in Bago called Hanthawaddy. The city was founded in 825 by twin brothers. The first mention of Bago is around 850 AD. It was at one time a major seaport and was frequented by Europeans. In the late 1500s it was conquered by the Portuguese. In the 17th century, the river that serviced Bago shifted and the city was cut off from the sea. After a war in the mid-1800s, the province of British Burma was formed and the country became a British Colony. Today Burma has undergone a name change - Republic of the Union of Myanmar. It is located in Southeast Asia and some 1,200 miles of coastline is on the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea. The capital city is not Bago but Naypyidaw. The largest city is Yangon. Myanmar became an independent nation in 1948. The country is rich in jade and other gems, oil, natural gas and other mineral resources.